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The foundation also anchors the activities of Federation for Differently Abled Association - Tamil Nadu in the villages of Kanchipuram district. Moving beyond pocketed interventions, Muthu decided to form simple structures within communities that took the responsibility of protecting child rights. A very successful and penetrating concept in the realm of child rights, inbuilt community structures promise to help communities comprehend their challenges and resolve them. The foundation has formed Child Rights Protection Committees, comprised of volunteers from the villages, women, panchayat leaders and other representatives to monitor the situation of child rights in two panchayats – Palayanur and Bukkathurai. With youngsters trained at Sky Foundation taking up key roles here, Muthu is hopeful of seeing a better tomorrow for both the target groups.
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Muthu established Sky Foundation in 2012 to help differently abled from rural areas and tribal children in his district. He envisaged building their capacities to ensure personal and societal progress, simultaneously. Beginning with life skills for small groups of students, Sky Foundation has geared up to run free tuition centres for tribal children. The local teams have stopped many child marriages, educating and sensitising the communities in the process. 24*7 presence in the community helped Muthu and his team to better understand local concerns, and accordingly plan strategies for change. Sky Foundation has collaborated with organisations like the Concerned for Child Rights Network to widen their reach and impact.
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