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The ongoing pandemic has spared no one, but the worst impacted ones are those already marginalized. Unprecedented loss of jobs and livelihood has exposed disadvantaged and homeless children to crimes and exploitation like never before. It becomes all the more imperative that this vulnerable demographic is protected and nurtured. CHILDLINE is an organization that has been working in rescue and rehabilitation of such children. CHILDLINE 1098 is a free national emergency phone outreach service for children in distress, linking them to long term services for their care, protection and rehabilitation. More details about the organization can be found by clicking link on the right. I invite you to join my efforts to empower CHILDLINE. Every Rupee donated by you will help CHILDLINE scale up and reach out to more and more children who need their intervention. So please donate wholeheartedly and contribute to this noble cause. It's the benevolence of like-minded individuals like you that will make this campaign a success. Thanks!
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Thank you for visiting my page! I am Sushant. Besides being an IT guy at a bank I am an avid runner. The year 2021 is a major milestone in my running journey. Having been regular at Mumbai Marathon since 2012, I have been quite excited to mark my 10th anniversary at TMM 2021. But this is 2020! We are in middle of a pandemic, and prospects of TMM 2021 are bleak. However what still motivates me to look forward to TMM 2021 is the opportunity it provides to serve a good cause. While I would sorely miss the euphoria and the adrenaline rush at crossing the finish line, I would certainly cherish the gratification of being able to make a small positive impact. I therefore request you to donate for my fundraiser and make it successful.
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