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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

You reached this page! That's a relief! I was half worried you might have chosen to ignore me :) Now that you are here. I am trying to get at least 20 people to know about and support me to fund a special project of UWM called 'Lets Read'. Its a beautiful joyous initiative that aims to get a curated set of 5 beautifully illustrated, age and context appropriate books to a child who cant afford a non academic book. The project believes that the right book at the right time with full ownership of the book could be the trans-formative trigger that could inculcate a lifelong joy of reading. The library bags go to poorly resourced govt schools. That is the short simple of it. The long detailed version I would be very happy to tell you..over a coffee, if you like. Each multiple of Rs 500 covers one child and and a portable library of 125 books for municipal schools costs 15k. Join me in getting those books to them?
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` 167833 of ` 250000
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I have always been a bookworm. By the time I graduated, my reading diary had over 1000 books in it ranging from pulp fiction to staggering works of genius, but it all started when i was first gifted a book when I was 8. An Enid Blyton- Famous five book that unleashed in me an insatiable curiosity to expand my world through the imagination and experiences of others. My life is incredibly enriched for it.If one could inculcate the love of reading and make reading enjoyable, you have enabled an unmatched self improvement tool. I just love being able to gift these books to those unseen children and let them do as they please with it. The library bags come with reading sessions, storytelling , more supervised interventions.
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"Every cause is worth supporting, I wish you the best"
Surojit Shome
29th December 2022
"My entry fee for MarathonšŸ˜€"
Vinod Namboodiri
28th December 2022
"Wishing you the very best in this cause - Siny, Vinod, Sanya, Tanya"
12th December 2022
"All the best "
1st December 2022
"Good luck :)"
Aishwarya Iyer
18th November 2022
"Best wishes"
10th September 2022
"Wonderful initiative, George! A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies."
Hari Rajagopalan
7th September 2022
"10% done :)"
George Aikara
22nd August 2022
My Fundraising Goal
` 167833 of ` 250000


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