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I am a cherished daughter Laadli of my family. How many girls you think are so lucky?
Wherever the gender and social development indicators are poor we find that the fertility, child and maternal mortality rates are high because women have low literacy, marry early and produce children when they are still in their teens. They face violence and are not able to exercise their rights and enjoy their entitlements. Repeated pregnancies, sex selective abortions and violence against women are a result of the low status of women in society. The wide spread misogyny prevents them from aspiring and achieving...the falling rates work participation of women and the #MeToo campaign reflect the challenges faced by women in work places.
Population First is an organization which is addressing these issues through two of its programmes: Laadli -A Girl Child Campaign working toward challenging gender stereotypes and attitudes reinforced by media and society through advocacy and outreach by involving the youth, women and media, and AMCHI -field based rural intervention using very innovative people centric strategies to reach out to 50,000+people..
I am supporting Population First because I believe change is possible. I am convinced that we cannot aspire to be an economic super power if we continue to neglect 49% of our population - the women of India.
I am a dreamer and I know I am not the only let's together make a difference.

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I have been active in the development sector for the last 25 years as a teacher, researcher, trainer and programme manager. I am the Director of Population First for the last 10 years where I had launched the Laadli campaign and AMCHI initiative. I had the opportunity to work with international agencies like UNICEF, UNFPA and other Non-government organizations as a consultant.

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