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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

I have always struggled to improve my health. I want the marathon to be my motivation to get up and run every morning. I am supporting Arpan, Khel Shala and Oscar. My reasons to support them are:

Arpan works to address the issue of child sexual abuse.

Khel Shala and Oscar work for under-privileged children and unite sports and well-being of a child.

My Fundraising Goal
` 0 of ` 100000

About Me
I am Amber and have always been inclined towards social work. I am supporting these NGO's for TMM.
My Fundraising Goal
` 0 of ` 100000

Raising Money For
Arpan is India’s largest nonprofit working to address the issue of Child Sexual Abuse with a vision of a ‘World Free from Child Sexual Abuse.’ Arpan has served 30, 00,000 children and adults in the last 17 years. Arpan aims to create a positive impact on society by addressing and preventing Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). We firmly believe that every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment, free from exploitation. Arpan is the first in the world to build an innovative, evidence-based, unique school-based Personal Safety Education model that combines prevention and healing efforts, and is the first in India to build age-appropriate comprehensive pedagogy for children and training content for adults. Our organization works tirelessly to raise awareness about this critical issue, provide counseling and support to survivors, and conduct extensive training programs for professionals and caregivers.
Khel Shala
Khelshala is an after school program, that Empowers Children Through Sport. Through it's program called S.A.Y.(S - sport, A -academics Y -Yoga for wel-being) it conducts an all round support program necessary for each child, facilitating & Development with no turning back". Khelshala was launched in Sept 2009 and has now been in operation for 11 years.
OSCAR (Organization for Social Change Awareness & Responsibility) Foundation
OSCAR Foundation is a non-profit organization that, through football instills the value of education and empowers underprivileged children and youth with life skills to take responsibility of their community development. Our project works to break the cycle by delivering a specially designed football and education program.
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