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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

Hello, I am Amina Khatun, a Neuroblastoma Cancer survivor. from HooghlyWest Bengal.  I will be running the Tata Mumbai Marathon Dream Run  to raise funds to support children with cancer for CanKids KidsCan, The National Society For Change For Childhood Cancer In India. And need your help to achieve the same.

 A few years ago when I was in class 9 then I would sometimes have a very cold cough ,and everyone in my family showed me a lot of local doctors, but somehow I could not full recovered. Then a doctor diagnosed a 5kg tumor and after doing a biopsy said I may have cancer. 

We were referred to to Dr. Arpita ma'am, a doctor at Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata. After that we consulted with Dr. Arpita Ma'am. And ma'am admitted me on that day. Then he started my treatment at Tata Medical Centre. My treatment protocol was first chemotherapy then surgery, then chemotherapy again and then finally Radiation. After that, when started chemotherapy the side effects of chemo , fever, headache body pain, weight loss, and even all my hair fell out . After that I had surgery when chemotherapy was over. The blessing of God and everyone my biopsy report came out very well. So all my subsequent treatment was cancelled. And my maintenance started.

And I came back home after about 8 months. And I continued my studies at the same time. But the journey was not so easy for me and my family if we did not find my family, my relatives and even my all the doctors, nurses and with me. I am really grateful to them. And with that I would like to say a big thank you to the KCK group of cankids survivors  because if they didn't motivate me then I might not have come to this place today and worked with them. So thank you CanKids and thank you all, also, I would like to thank St. Jude as my treatment would not have been complete without their help because during my treatment I completed my treatment from St. Jude since the distance from my home to the hospital is long, we could not have finished so easily if they did not support me during that time.  They are doing so much for me that I cannot express in words

Now, I am working with cankids kidscan as assistant care coordinator and KCK chapter head at Kolkata and 
I am proud to share that I am participating in the Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM)  in the dream run category with 19 other cancer survivors like me and our goal extends beyond personal achievements. We are dedicated to raising funds to support children fighting cancer, and this year, I have set a target of 31000 Rs.

I am reaching out to friends, family, and colleagues, urging them to contribute whatever they can to this cause. Every contribution, no matter how small, will play a crucial role in saving the lives of children battling cancer. Your support is not just a donation it's a step towards saving a child's life.

Join me in this journey, contribute to the cause, and let's collectively work towards a world where quality healthcare is accessible to  brave young souls fighting cancer. Together, we can make a difference and bring hope to those in need. Thank you for your support!

My Fundraising Goal
` 22501 of ` 31000

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Hello, I am Amina Khatun, a Neuroblastoma Cancer survivor. from HooghlyWest Bengal. I will be running the Tata Mumbai Marathon Dream Run to raise funds to support children with cancer for CanKids KidsCan, The National Society For Change For Childhood Cancer In India. And need your help to achieve the same.
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"Amina, we admire your courage and the work that you do for children with Retinoblastoma. A token donation from my side. "
Anirban Bhaduri
7th December 2023
My Fundraising Goal
` 22501 of ` 31000

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CanKids KidsCan
CanKids KidsCan is the only National NGO working across the entire spectrum of Childhood Cancer Care in India. Through our signature program YANA – You Are Not Alone – we provide holistic support to a child with cancer and the family, from the moment of detection, through diagnosis, treatment, and after. We work in partnership with 125 cancer centers in 53 cities and 22 states of India. CanKids runs 11 Home away from Homes – a low-cost model for Children with Cancer and their families could stay along with the only Pediatric Palliative Care Centre for Children with cancer in India. In order to enable access to care for those in need, we also implement large-scale Change For Childhood Cancer projects at the state level in 15 states across India.
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