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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

Hello everyone this time I’m looking forward to raise funds for the community by our own community of friends and family who can help each other in support of care and love and also with some aid towards resources for their livelihood .

Let us all come together and Kindly donate ahead on the given link for the registered NGO and let’s help move forward and make this world an even better place for the ones who are suffering.

My Fundraising Goal
` 0 of ` 100000

About Me
Hello Friends, My name is Vishal Saraf I’ll be doing the TMM 42k this year!!! I also want to help the community by making it a better place for the people who feel they don’t make it a better place with theirselves I’m a passionate runner and a business enthusiast A young mind trying to make this world a better place by spreading smiles :) Looking ahead is a small goal this time of Raising 1,00,000 in a span of 2 months of time this winters and help a small bunch of people love a better life for their children , for their parents , and also kind to make even their new years special Let us all join our hands together and come forward to this journey together and make this world a better place just by helping people with some love
My Fundraising Goal
` 0 of ` 100000

Raising Money For
United Way Mumbai
United Way Mumbai works in urban and rural communities across the country to identify and implement the most impactful solutions to community problems. We drive change in the areas of Education, Health, Income, Environment and Public Safety through evidence-based strategies and multi-stakeholder partnerships. Across all we do, we remain committed to SOCIAL IMPACT. DONE RIGHT.
Goonj aims to reposition cloth and other underutilized material, beyond charity, adding dignity and turning it into a big resource for development. Spreading the idea beyond geographical boundaries so that world over people take it as a subject to work on. Please refer
We leverage existing community and Government resources to ensure that all girls are in school and learning well.
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