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The Football for development programme reaches out to children and youth between 7 to 16 years. Oscar Football Programme is at the heart of our intervention in low-income communities. Based on ‘No School, No Football’, OSCAR provides football and life skills sessions to children from low-income backgrounds as long as they attend school regularly. Through our coaches and a network of OSCAR Young Leaders, Oscar reach out to 24 low-income communities across 4 cities. Weekly football sessions help our children develop their football skills and enable our trainers to teach key life skills including leadership, problem-solving and teamwork whilst raising awareness on pertinent social issues including child marriage, health and hygiene practices and gender discrimination.

Objectives of Programme
• Ensuring children stay in school by using football as a motivator
• Impart football skills and deliver life skills modules through football sessions
• Engaging community through parents meetings and home visits
• Providing platforms where children can boost their confidence through various activities such as tournaments, annual events, exposure visits.

My Fundraising Goal
` 120 of ` 10000

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"Oscar is the future of the change , specially for footballers "
9th November 2023
"saba you are a great leader, we trust you and support you"
Kaushk K
9th November 2023
My Fundraising Goal
` 120 of ` 10000

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OSCAR (Organization for Social Change Awareness & Responsibility) Foundation
OSCAR Foundation is a non-profit organization that, through football instills the value of education and empowers underprivileged children and youth with life skills to take responsibility of their community development. Our project works to break the cycle by delivering a specially designed football and education program.
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