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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

I created this fundraiser so that Jayprakash can get a charity bib to run his first Tata Mumbai Half Marathon in Jan 2024. After spotting Jayprakash running on marine drive at the crack of dawn a few times on my morning run, I was keen to learn more about his passion for running. Turns out, he has been running every morning for over 10 years and says it really helps him stay fit both mentally and physically.I asked if he would want to run a 'timed half marathon' with me...and with his approval, we signed up for the Bandra Monsoon half marathon in September earlier this year. We started the race together with 60 other runners at 5:15 AM and I could sense the excitement and nervousness for his first ever marathon. After pacing together for most the race, we split ways ...I wasn’t sure he would finish as he seemed a bit uncomfortable. To my utter surprise, I saw Jayprakash cruising down the finish line only ~10 minutes behind me. It was heartwarming to hear him speak to his son with so much pride - “beta, aaj mujhe running key liye medal mila” (I got a medal for running today).

Jayprakash uses a feature phone, doesn’t have an email address, know his blood type or have digital copies of his IDs – which are basic requirements to register for a race in Mumbai. I’m hoping this can serve as an example for organisers to make these events more inclusive in the future.

Im looking forward to running the Mumbai half marathon with Jayprakash in Jan 2024 with your kind support - no amount is too small! Mohit Chhatrapati / 9819071571

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` 56000 of ` 55000

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Support Jayprakash Yadav - Security guard from Revills building in Cuffe Parade to run the Mumbai Half Marathon! Funds go towards CanKids – an NGO working to support children fighting cancer across the country. CanKids is bringing the #RightToHealth for so many children with cancer around India. By hitting the donate button your contribution will enable CanKids to provide “holistic” support in the form of psychological counseling, accommodation, nutrition, transport, schools, home away from home facilities to these children in need.
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"Good luck! "
20th January 2024
"All the best"
Zal Andhyarujina
16th January 2024
"All the best Mo & JP ! You’re awesome "
Shaan Khanna
15th December 2023
"Good luck ! "
15th December 2023
"More power to you Mo!"
Rohan Dadlani
9th December 2023
"Best wishes to Jayaprakash"
Ramabadran Gopalakrishnan
1st December 2023
"Best wishes"
Anna Thomas
22nd November 2023
My Fundraising Goal
` 56000 of ` 55000

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CanKids KidsCan
CanKids KidsCan is the only National NGO working across the entire spectrum of Childhood Cancer Care in India. Through our signature program YANA – You Are Not Alone – we provide holistic support to a child with cancer and the family, from the moment of detection, through diagnosis, treatment, and after. We work in partnership with 125 cancer centers in 53 cities and 22 states of India. CanKids runs 11 Home away from Homes – a low-cost model for Children with Cancer and their families could stay along with the only Pediatric Palliative Care Centre for Children with cancer in India. In order to enable access to care for those in need, we also implement large-scale Change For Childhood Cancer projects at the state level in 15 states across India.
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