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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

Dear All, We are from Cotton farming families. We wanted to inform you that we are participating in the Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM) on Sunday, 15th Jan 2023 in the 10 km event. We are doing this to create awareness for the challenges that Cotton farmers face and raise money for COTAAP so that they can help many more Cotton farmers like us. We have been running local marathons for the past few years and thanks to COTAAP, we have now got the opportunity to run a National Level marathon. To know more about us, please copy the link below onto your browser: - COTAAP's primary objective is to educate and support Cotton farmers in order to increase their productivity and well-being. The following links will help you fully understand what COTAAP is and how it helps farmers. Video - Brochure - You could pledge your contribution and help us raise funds by logging on to our fundraiser page – The last date for offline donations (cheques etc.) is 3rd Feb and for online donations is 5th Feb 2023. Ideally please make an online donation via credit card so you can post a message on our page – this will motivate us to do this again! Best regards Amruta, Dipali, Gitanjali, Kalyani and Shital
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We (Amruta Gaikwad, Dipali Tupe, Gitanjali Raut, Kalyani Bhopale and Shital Jadhav) are daughters of Cotton farmers from Babhulgaon, Vyjapur Taluka, Aurangabad District, Maharashtra. We used to study in Jai Hind Vidyalaya & were trained under our teacher Satish Patil. We are currently studied in different grades, 11th Science (Amruta & Gitanjali) , 2nd year B.Sc.(Dipali) , 12th Arts (Kalyani) , 1st year B.Sc. (Shital).We help our parents in the cotton fields. We love running and participating in marathons also helps our families financially. Our dream was to be part of a big marathon but we never thought it would happen because our families could not support us. But COTAAP is making our dream come true by sponsoring us for the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023!
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