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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

Helping underprivileged children afford education and their medical needs by running in the tata marathon got to my school by the nargis dutt ngo. The money we earn from this marathon will go for supporting under privileged children who are unable to afford studys and their medical needs in the times like this when we are just coming out of a big pandemic like covid
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About Me
I am a student from C P goenka IBDP-1 and i am running this campaign as a form of my CAS. the NGO nargis dutt foundation came up with this great idea for my CAS of fund raising for underprivileged children which was loved by me so now I am helping the movement in my own way.
My Fundraising Goal
` 0 of ` 15000


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Nargis Dutt Foundation
NDF has been silently and passionately working in the areas of Health and Education since 1981. Our mission is to support and help the underprivileged with education and health. We believe, no lives should be lost and no child should be deprived of a good education due to lack of funds.
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