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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

This Christmas, I invite you to support Akanksha's work to empower students using Art. Please see a short video clip here - All of Akanksha's schools run an ART program that engages every child in a way that they can express themselves using colour. Right through the pandemic, Akanksha schools continued with online classes and the ART classes were most popular and had the highest attendance, because ART NEVER STOPS. The children of Akanksha created thousands of pieces of ART that helped them stay calm, resilient and busy when they were locked out of school for two whole years. This ART found its way to the United Nations Summit, in New York this year & is currently installed at the New York University. * I pursue Bharatanatyam, Music and find that it has a calming effect on me. This Christmas, my family and I created this jingle in support of the students of Akanksha so that they can continue to learn and help themselves and their families come out of poverty. Come, join me in supporting 13,000 students in 26 Akanksha schools across Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur. PS: While I am not running the Tata Mumbai Marathon, I am using this Fund Raising page because they charge Zero commission. That way, your entire contribution will go to Akanksha Foundation.
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I got a chance to interact with the Akanksha students when I was in Grade 5 (during Covid). My classmates and I engaged with some of our peers in Akanksha schools and worked on some ideas to improve our surroundings. We used the Design for Change approach and chose a few UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to focus our efforts. My friends and I were inspired by these children and learnt a lot from them. I would like to do my little bit in helping their education.
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