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Artscape is a non-profit organisation that's worked for mental well-being since 2016. Artscape is an organisation that allows individuals to cope with everyday stressors, identify their true potential, and work productively through Expressive Art therapy. At Artscape, we believe that caring for the mind is as important as caring for the body because one can't function without the other.
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I've always recognised the impact that mental health has on one's overall well-being. During the global pandemic, we slowly began to normalise the conversations around mental health and freely discuss different coping mechanisms for a positive state of mind during tough times. Destigmatising the idea of talking about mental health and learning about ways to cope, I believe, was a crucial change that needed to take place. When I learnt about Artscape and discovered how they use Expressive Art as a form of therapy, that instantly resonated with me. I was privileged to work with and support them in using Art to foster positive mental wellbeing among individuals with different stories and backgrounds.
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