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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

This fundraising page was created to raise money for cancer patients who cannot afford the proper treatment they need to get rid of this terrible disease. I hope we can help the patients who are not as privileged as we are, and thus, do not have the resources to help themselves.
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Hello everyone! My name is Sia Walia and I am a Grade 8 student, studying to help make this world a better place. I have always wanted to give to those who are not as fortunate as you and I, and the Tata Mumbai Marathon of 2023 has provided me with the perfect opportunity to do just that! I hope you would be willing to help me reach my fundraising goal, and in turn, change the life of someone who is not living as fully as we are. Remember, every bit helps and there is no amount of donations that are counted as "too less" or "too much" Thank you!
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