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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

Hi. We are Kiran & Deepak Chhillar. We have been running in marathons since 2016 and have inspired a lot of people to start running. Running has helped us become fitter both mentally & physically. Apart from all our accomplishments above, I am also a social worker and as a social worker, my role is to help the people discover the joy, love, creativity and guidance in a challenging environment. This year however its special We have decided to help Children fighting Cancer by running for Cankids Kidscan at the Tata Mumbai Marathon, Deepak ran the full marathon and I ran the half marathon and 20 other childhood cancer survivors ran the Marathon as well. Our goal is to create awareness about the childhood cancer so more children can survive and thrive and can run more marathon in coming years. The special part is once they get well, they will also contribute for the cause and raising fund also. We believe that every Childhood Cancer patient should Survive and thrive and therefore I am raising funds for those who are still fighting Cancer. We want to reach our goal and you can help us reach the target! Donations, however, small add up to the goal to support 15000 children with cancer this year. So, open your heart and donate now! Anything you contribute to the cause is greatly appreciated.
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