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The message to other Person With Epilepsy is clear proper treatment with support from organization like Epilepsy Foundation & family could change your life. Don’t Give up!
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` 14400 of ` 25000

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My Self Saheli (Megha) Shaikh, I am 16yrs old, I am suffering from epilepsy from 2010 and is a slow learner. I have attending Epilepsy Foundation India Mumbai, regular OPD as well as all classes conducted by Occupational Therapist, Cognitive & Speech Therapist since April 2019. I improved not only in seizures but also in overall learning, behaviour & study.
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Saheli Megha Shaikh
23rd December 2022
My Fundraising Goal
` 14400 of ` 25000


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Epilepsy Foundation India is an NGO that focuses on widespread yet less known disease epilepsy. Every epileptic patient irrespective of caste, creed or strata of society receives the treatment. The message to all is 'Epilepsy is treatable if diagnosed early'.
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