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I would like to support the Sparsha Charitable Trust, as their goals for increasing accessibility to education among children from underserved communities closely aligns with my own. Their goals of freeing children from exploitation, and aiding them in their pursuit of quality education that will go on to help them realize their potential is a cornerstone of my work with Best Tellers. Best Tellers is a social initiative I founded that seeks to provide students with storytelling and narrative building skills as supplementary to their formal education. The Sparsha Foundation’s objective of developing children’s creativity is an endeavor related to Best Tellers’ in its attempt to build self-confidence that would, in turn, bolster their educational and professional ambitions. It is also imperative for the Sparsha Trust, and for Best Tellers to raise awareness of the dearth of this instruction in traditional Indian educational curricula. To this end, Best Tellers will also feature a newsletter that will adopt a creative perspective on matters of cultural relevance, and will be authored collaboratively with the students to involve them in creative endeavors, and topics of cultural relevance. I recognize that it is of equal importance to provide material support to the admirable efforts of the Sparsha Trust, which is why I will be conducting this fundraiser to raise INR 50,000, the proceeds of which will go towards supporting the Sparsha Trust’s educational and creative missions.
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My name is Soha Aggarwal, and I am a 10th grade student at The Cathedral and John Connon School in Mumbai where I study English Language and Literature at the higher level. In June 2022 I founded an educational outreach initiative, Best Tellers, which seeks to promote access to non-traditional educational methods among students from underserved communities. As part of this project I have authored an original five-part curriculum with the goal of instructing readers on the foundations of creative writing, and went on to inform workshop sessions held with the students at the Sparsha Trust. Our related missions of enriching the quality of education for students who may not otherwise have access to it forms the foundation of our collaboration.
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