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I request people to support me & help me raise fund to create awareness on Epilepsy & Support Epilepsy Foundation.
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` 10400 of ` 50000

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I am Yashraj Singh, 19years old male and I am suffering from Epilepsy for the past 6 years, Epilepsy is hard enough as it is without trying to keep up with everyone else! Go at you own pace! Maybe to some your achievements , today may seem small but, you've just climbed the mountain, I haven't lost my mind...... Half of it just wandered off, and the other half went looking for it. Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, To do something new Tries to help in household works like folding clothes, cutting vegetables, etc.. Enjoys going to school STD: Academic year 2
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"Stay Blessed "
28th December 2023
"Best wishes "
Pradeep Maskeri
21st November 2023
"Best Of Luck"
Shailendra Desai
22nd October 2023
"Good Work Yashraj….Keep it up"
Nirmal Surya
12th September 2023
My Fundraising Goal
` 10400 of ` 50000

Raising Money For
Epilepsy Foundation India is an NGO that focuses on widespread yet less known disease epilepsy. Every epileptic patient irrespective of caste, creed or strata of society receives the treatment. The message to all is 'Epilepsy is treatable if diagnosed early'.
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