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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

NGOs are an extremely important part of society because they are dedicated to a cause unlike many other organizations that may have priorities that are not always in the best interests of social well being For me personally educating and feeding children is a cause that needs attention from as many people as possible Children are the future of this country and hence we need to work for their development, both physical and intellectual, when their families aren't able to do so.
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I am Ankit pingol from the western part of India this district is also the largest district in India, yes I’m from Kutch Gujarat. I have done my high school graduation from the B.K.Birla Centre for Education, Pune. Currently, I’m pursuing my undergraduate in Bachelor in Business Administration with a specialization in Management and Entrepreneurship at Atlas Skilltech University, Mumbai. My great-grandparents gave me a strong foundation in ALTRUISTIC, and my father's desire to improve our community also inspired me to serve others. I’m also an active coordinator of Rc Atlas (Rotaract club of Atlas). We constantly keep on doing projects that have a positive impact on our community for the long term. And this fundraising is a small step from my side to help the underprivileged. I hope you join me on this journey because every little bit helps.
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