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Tata Memorial Centre
Tata Memorial Centre is the leading cancer centre in India working towards equitable, high quality cancer care for all, regardless of their socioeconomic status, and ensuring that every patient with cancer gets access to the best chance for cure and comfort.
Access Life Assistance Foundation
Access Life Assistance Foundation, an Indian not-for-profit organization registered as a Section 8 company in 2014 provides multi-disciplinary supportive care to families who come to Mumbai, Pune, Manipal and Chandigarh for their child’s cancer treatment. Families come to the metropolitan cities from remote towns and villages across India seeking treatment for their children affected with cancer. While hospitals extend them quality medical services, the poorer families have no place to stay during the 5-12 months (sometimes extending to 24 months) that it takes to complete the treatment. Many end up living on footpaths or are forced to abandon treatment due to the high cost of accommodation. Children battling cancer and without access to proper accommodation and nutrition are 5 times more likely not to survive due to secondary infections, chemotherapy intolerance and treatment abandonment. Access Life offers children and their families a free accommodation, nutrition and secure transportation that gives our brave hearts an upper hand in their fight against cancer. We also try to improve their quality of life by providing practical support services, educational resources and recreational programs. Access Life set up its first centre in June 2014 in Chembur, Mumbai and has grown to 7 childhood cancer care centres across Mumbai, Pune, Manipal and Chandigarh where at any given point of time 101 families (303 individuals considering every child lives with her/his parents) are being accommodated..
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