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Wouldn't it feel good to bring a smile on someone's face you didn't think was possible? Being a doctor is not the only way to save one's life, you're capable of more than you know. Even smallest of donation contributes to infusing a person with a good, healthy life. It's in your hands to end their suffering of cancer, enlighten their lives, relieve their families from all the pain, help them get a chance at living again. You can make it possible for parents to be there for their children, for grandchildren to have their grandparents, for brothers and sisters to have each other, for a child to be able to live to his/her fullest. You're unaware of how a small donation can bring such a huge change in someone's life. Donate today, help them get their fair chance at living. Thank you.
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Hi, i am Krish choudhary a 17 year old from Billabong High International a sports enthusiast and i wish to raise 25,000 in order to help the many who suffer from cancer and are unable to attain quality medical care.
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