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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

I’m participating in the 2024 Tata Mumbai Marathon along with Nargis Dutt Foundation for the cause of Cancer. I’m raising funds for Nutritional Kits for children taking treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital. Nutrition is a critical part of health and development for children fighting cancer. Eating the right amount of protein and calories is important for healing, fighting infections, coping with the side effects of cancer and maintaining a healthy immune system. Each kit costs Rs 750/- only. Your donation can help a child taking cancer treatment with good nutrition for a month. Each kit consists of Roasted Soya Bean Powder, Roasted Moong Dal Power, Roasted Ragi Power, Halim Seeds, Flax Seeds and Nutritional Cookies. The nutrition kits add value and variety to the food and give children additional strength to take their treatment. The kits are distributed through the nutrition cell of Tata Hospital during the counseling session with the parent and child. No kit is randomly distributed. The products are sourced from the Vendor approved Tata Hospital. Every donation counts. No donation is too small. Every donation will receive a tax benefit. Please donate generously for this noble cause. 

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` 12100 of ` 5000

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Hello, I am Yaana Chudasama and I'm 15 years old. I'm a student at Billabong High International School. I like reading and listening to music but i absolutely love to play basketball or any sport for that matter. I love helping out others in their times of need and thats also why I have participated in this NGO.
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"Wish all the best, we are together in this "
Ajay Kumar
20th January 2024
My Fundraising Goal
` 12100 of ` 5000

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Nargis Dutt Foundation
NDF has been silently and passionately working in the areas of Health and Education since 1981. Our mission is to support and help the underprivileged with education and health. We believe, no lives should be lost and no child should be deprived of a good education due to lack of funds.
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