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iTeach is solving a critical problem in Pune City - our government schools do not go beyond Grade 7, and the poorest student who attend these schools, end up dropping out. iTeach runs 9 free and high quality schools serving 2500 students and 1800 alumni, to give them a fighting chance at college, career and citizenship. Read more about us at We are actively raising funds to support our expansion efforts in the coming three years. Currently we serve 2500 students, we are keen to serve 10,000 students by 2025.
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iTeach Schools is a Non Profit organization born in 2015 to declare war on the problem of educational inequality. We run nine high-impact secondary schools and a college-to-career program for the most disadvantaged students of Pune and PCMC.Like many Indian cities, both of these public education systems only go up to Grade VII, leading to the poorest students being unable to finish their schooling. In 2022, with a staff of 200 members across nine schools, we will serve 2500 students and 1800 alumni - giving students a fighting chance at college, career, and citizenship. We aim to grow to 30 schools and 10,000 students over the next five years.
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