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HEAL (Help Eradicate Abuse Through Learning) is a Mumbai-based NGO working in the area of child sexual abuse since 2008. It is estimated that nearly 53% of children in India face abuse before turning eighteen. 109 children are said to face abuse everyday in India. 97.1% of the offenders were known to the children. Childhood is the primary stage of life. It knows no worry or anxiety, no good or evil. It is the period of both ignorance and innocence. This is what HEAL works towards, the innocence and happiness and joy of children. The act of abusing a child is horrendous and terrifying. No child in any shape or form should undergo such actions. HEAL works to eradicate this issue through awareness and sensitization workshops on child sexual abuse and body safety, which aim to equip adults to recognize and deal with child sexual abuse, as well as help the survivors the best they can; and help the children integrate a sense of body safety and autonomy. The vision thus upheld is to consciously create safe spaces like schools, communities, and homes, that can help in avoiding the horrors that a sexually abusive experience can bring about for children. I, a student of The Cathedral and John Cannon School am joining HEAL in their fight against child sexual abuse. You too can be a part of our efforts. Your donation, big or small will help us raise the funds for HEAL. These funds will be used to enhance HEAL's reach to various schools and communities, and thus create an ecosystem which is safer for children. Come join this fight, and donate now!
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Hi, I am Inaya Vora and I'm a student. I wish to raise funds for this frightening issue that is so large in India. After being educated about the statistics and the reality so many children of India face, I decided that any sort of help can do wonders for these innocents, which is why I am taking the initiative to fight this problem. I believe if we work together, we can get rid of such issues and I hope that anyone who is reading this will help.
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