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Hello, I am Kimaya Hegde. I am a high school student and am keen on doing all I can to support those in need in communities around me. I have personally been a part of projects where we have worked with those less privileged than myself and I strongly believe in our role in giving back. I urge you to support Mudita through your donations to my fund raiser. Mudita – An Alliance for Giving has been working in the philanthropic space for the past 6 years. It was started with the objective of building a bridge between donors and beneficiaries and continues to fulfil that purpose. Mudita’s work has been in key areas of Education, Medical treatment & Food security. Proceeds from the donations received towards this fund raiser will be used specifically for the Mudita Medical treatment program. Mudita medical treatment programs support those suffering from cancer as well as those in need of eye care surgeries. Mudita works in collaboration with hospitals, doctors as well as pharmacies to ensure the best treatment is provided at effective costs. I earnestly request you to support Mudita – An Alliance for Giving and donate as much as you find appropriate. Thank you for your support.
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Hello! I am Kimaya Hegde. I am a high school student and have been involved with NGOs for the past 2 years. As a founding member of a youth NGO myself, I have personally interacted with students like myself from under privileged backgrounds. I believe that our support to those in need can help give everyone a fair chance. Please do support Mudita - An Alliance for Giving through a donation. All funds raised will go towards medical treatment for cancer patients as well as those in need for eye surgeries. Thanking you in advance for your generosity.
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