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Treatment cost can be a huge financial drain to even middle class families; often leaving individuals & families in severe debt in a time of crisis not to mention the emotional cost of the ailment. Supporting treatment cost for individuals will allow alleviating a part of the burden. Mudita medical treatment programs support those suffering from cancer as well as those in need of eye care surgeries. Mudita works in collaboration with hospitals, doctors as well as pharmacies to ensure the best treatment is provided at effective costs. Unlike other NGOs with a higher operating cost, close to 100% of individual donations received by Mudita are used directly for program cost. I earnestly request you to support Mudita – An Alliance for Giving and donate as much as you find appropriate. Thank you for your support.
My Fundraising Goal
` 134000 of ` 100000

About Me
My name is Alina Mirchandani and I am raising money to help “Mudita- An Alliance for giving” to raise funds for supporting the treatment of individuals suffering from cancer as well as those in need of unaffordable eye care surgeries.
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"For a good cause ..for Mudita"
Deepak Kapoor
5th December 2022
"Balasubramamian Dorairajan "
Balasubramamian Dorairajan
10th November 2022
"Keep up the good work !"
5th November 2022
"Proud of you Alina. God bless you "
Mohinish Thadani
3rd November 2022
"You are doing a great job Alina!! "
Parul Langar
2nd November 2022
My Fundraising Goal
` 134000 of ` 100000


Raising Money For
Mudita - An Alliance for Giving
Mudita - An Alliance for Giving is a foundation set up as a conduit for transparent & strategic giving, bridging the gap between donors & receivers. Our are programs include 1. College scholarships for needy but meritorious students, 2. Medical treatment support towards cancer & eye care and 3. Annadaan which ensures nutritious meals to under-served communities.
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Deepak Kapoor
Balasubramamian Dorairajan
Mohinish Thadani
Parul Langar
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