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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

I am supporting this cause as I believe we should help HEAL (Help Eradicate Abuse Through Learning) in preventing of child sexual abuse . It is estimated that nearly 50% of children in India face abuse. We see HEAL through their awareness and sensitization workshops on child sexual abuse and body safety, which aim to equip adults to recognize and deal with child sexual abuse, as well as help the survivors the best they can; and help the children integrate a sense of body safety and autonomy. So I want to also help them.
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Hi, My name is Aarav Shah and I am from the Cathedral school. I am trying to give back to the community in my own small way, with this project, I aim to achieve a country, safe for everyone. To provide a childhood, that some of us were lucky enough to have, to the remaining ones. So I invite you to join this journey and help ensure a safe future for every child who aspires to become something today.
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