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The term “community” is in itself endearing and evocative. There is a certain peaceful solace that one finds in a community. There is a distinct, soothing equity in the notion that there are people in this world who share the same beliefs, look the same way, and fight for the same causes. To me, a community collectively represents the associations I have formed with different groups of people. The connection I have developed with my community are directly responsible in shaping the person I am today. An overwhelming sense of indebtedness led to my desire to repay them in an impactful, and authentic manner. To that end, I urge you all to please donate to this noble cause. Udayan Shalini Fellowship, is a unique programme of Udayan Care. The programme is dedicated to academic excellence and personality development for deserving and talented girls from weak socio-economic background. The programme aims to empower these girls with their right to education so that they are able to pursue their dreams and live a dignified life.
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` 25351 of ` 50000

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My name is Vedant and I am a student in the 12th grade at Aditya Birla World Academy. I am an incredibly perceptive, rational and charismatic individual who does not shy away from taking responsibility. Fundraising is undoubtedly an integral part of community service. You can make a big difference in the lives of young, underprivileged and deserving girls by running and supporting our cause to help them become empowered, independent and a dignified women. Run To Bring change into the lives of these Young Girls
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"Wonderful job, and am so glad to see students coming forward to make this world a better place!"
Madhavi Pandrangi
11th November 2022
"Very noble cause taken up by you. God bless and all the best for your efforts."
11th November 2022
My Fundraising Goal
` 25351 of ` 50000


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Udayan Care
Udayan Care's vision is to make young lives shine. By engaging individuals, committed to human rights, under the framework of SDGs, Udayan Care enables nurturing homes for vulnerable children; empowers girls to aspire for and pursue higher education and gain employability; offers communities digital and vocational training to become self-reliant. Through research, training, conferences, and advocacy, Udayan Care influences policies and practices on the Standards of Alternative Care in the South Asian region. Udayan Care has a special consultative status to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations. Registered in 1994 as a Public Charitable Trust, Udayan Care works to empower vulnerable children, women, and youth, in 33 cities across 15 states of India. In 28 years, we have directly impacted the lives of about 35,000 children, women, and youth as beneficiaries.
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