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With adolescents comprising 21% of the total population, India is home to the largest adolescent population in the world. According to the National Family Health Survey 2019-2020, (NFHS 5), districts with a high proportion of the young population are lagging behind on many indicators (e.g., child marriage, teenage pregnancy, contraceptive use, maternal health). Wide-ranging issues such as nutritional deficiencies, reproductive health problems, sexually transmitted infections, and mental and physical stress-related problems are faced by this age group. About 43% of girls drop out before completing secondary education due to the onset of puberty, household responsibilities, early marriage, child labor, distance to school, and/or lack of sanitation facilities at the school. Providing adolescents and young people with life skills, making youth-friendly health services accessible to them, and giving them the agency to fight for their rights can be the pathway to their empowerment. They can be #unstoppable, if we work together to create a safe and enabling environment around them, to help them fulfill their aspirations. Your donation will help us to implement community-based health, education, and skilling programmes for supporting these aspirational young girls and boys to be #unstoppable!
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I am studying in PUC 1st Year at Prism Science College, Dharwad. Since India is home to the largest adolescent population comprising 21% of the total population, in the world, I support empowering youths by encouraging them to develop the skills they are interested in. My interest is in studying Oceanography which is the study of the physical, chemical, and biological features of the ocean.
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