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As a young student dedicated to the long-fought struggle for the universal protection of even the most basic human rights, it is shocking and saddening to turn on the news to hear about yet another instance of child sexual abuse in India, that yet another child's sense of safety and peace has been robbed. It has been estimated that around 53% of minors in India have been subject to various forms of sexual abuse, with both boys and girls equally affected. It is unacceptable that these victims are often unable to seek help and speak up about their experiences, or that even spreading awareness about this subject is difficult, because social norms dictate that this matter is taboo. In this sea of darkness, The H.E.A.L. Foundation is one of the few organisations committed to the prevention of CSA, and rehabilitation for its survivors. If you believe that sexual abuse is one of the most horrific acts of violence, my request is simple - join and support the cause in whatever little way you can.
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I am a 9th grade student studying at the Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai.
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"All the best Srishti!"
Shyamal Rai
7th January 2023
My Fundraising Goal
` 25000 of ` 25000


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The HEAL Foundation
The HEAL Foundation founded by Rahul Bose in 2008, HEAL (Help Eradicate Abuse Through Learning) through the tool of workshops, aims to educate children and adults on how to recognize, prevent and respond to Child Sexual Abuse. HEAL has reached 110,000 children and adults up till 2022.
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