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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

I am running in The Mumbai Marathon which is an annual international marathon held in Mumbai, India, on the third Sunday of January every year. It is the largest marathon in Asia as well as the largest mass participation sporting event on the continent. I am raising funds for 2 organisations : 1. Habitat for Humanity- It provides shelter through affordable housing to low-income, vulnerable and marginalised families across the country 2. HEAL (Health and Education for All) -The Foundation works in the area of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) due to the prevalence of CSA and the stigma, self or socially inflicted, that survivors experience. Their vision is to ease discrimination practiced by the community towards survivors and the self discrimination survivors experience.
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My name is Kartikeya Daiya. I study at The Cathedral and John Connon School in Grade 11. I have been supporting Habitat for Humanity's cause to build homes for the underprivileged in the villages of India for the last 7-8 years. I used to go door to door to collect funds before crowdfunding got popularised. Heal tackles with a very crucial issue, that is child abuse, which deserves awareness and immediate action. These two causes are close to my heart and require all the help they can get. Please help me make a difference.
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