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HEAL Foundation has been committed to advocating policy-making for long-term sustainable healthy living. The Foundation is committed to educating health professionals and communicators, strengthening health research network, and fighting prejudices that harm society’s interests. "HEAL ( Help Eradicate Abuse Through Learning )" is one of the very few NGO's working towards bringing an end to Child Sexual Abuse by educating children as well as adults on the horror that many young children suffer through on a daily basis .
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I am Mahika Vardhan, raising money for the HEAL foundation. Child Sexual Abuse is one of the things HEAL educates and helps the world with. It is a serious matter and extremely devastating that more than 50% of children have to go through this traumatic experience. Not only do people with a saddening past have to go through this but also fortunate people who could be around you right now. This is why I want to make people aware about Child Sexual Abuse.
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