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The catalyst to being a happy, satisfied adult is a happy childhood. But not all children are fortunate enough to lead such lives. Nearly 50% of Indian children are victims of child sexual abuse (CSA). Often, victims are too afraid to speak out and they carry their pain and trauma within themselves. They live in fear of the shame that would be cast undeservedly upon their families if the truth got out. It sits within them, eating them from inside. They cannot live happy childhoods. The predators who perform these disgusting acts condemn the victims to lives of despair and darkness. But we can do something about it. The HEAL Foundation works tirelessly to help those who have been affected by child sexual abuse. HEAL helps spread awareness across languages and age groups to help both children and adults understand the warning signs of possible predators. With HEAL, India can be free from this terrible problem. We can make a better India together, and a better world.
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I'm Ayaan from the Cathedral School. I understand that I've led a happy and privileged life, but I also understand that other people are not as fortunate. The reality of India today is a sad one, and I'm ready to change it for the better. I'm standing up against child sexual abuse, to keep children happy and laughing, without soul-destroying darkness bottled up within them. I'm going to make my world a better place.
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21st November 2022
My Fundraising Goal
` 21000 of ` 35000


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The HEAL Foundation
The HEAL Foundation founded by Rahul Bose in 2008, HEAL (Help Eradicate Abuse Through Learning) through the tool of workshops, aims to educate children and adults on how to recognize, prevent and respond to Child Sexual Abuse. HEAL has reached 110,000 children and adults up till 2022.
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