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One of the key components of HEAL' s mission is protecting children against sexual assault. It also works tirelessly to empower children who have been tormented due to sexual advances. Kids often feel helpless and voiceless. They need enlightenment on their personal safety and security. They need affection, protection and empathy and need to be heard and valued. Some kids endure sexual molestation or full blown exploitation, yet are too meek to express their disgust and devastation. Victims of sexual predators often retreat themselves into a shell that's hard to penetrate into. They need counselling and a heart that understands. Thus, the Heal foundation speaks to me as its mission is to help the sufferers shine by providing them tools to uplift themselves. Only upliftment can help them overcome their mental agony and distress. Kids truly need to be loved and understood. Growing up with young cousins around me, I reckon safety of kids is integral. When kids are harmed, it cripples my soul and I think it's everyone's duty to rise for the safety of the young and weak.
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Greetings everyone! Did you know that in India, every 155 minutes, a child under 16 years of age is raped? I'm Jiana, a 16 year old Cathedralite from Mumbai, India and I have created this fundraiser in order to raise funds for the victims of sexual abuse, particularly children. My school has been very kind to have given me this opportunity to be the voice of the voiceless, as this subject is one that we all should raise our voice against. Thus, I request you to skim through what HEAL NGO does and donate a sum towards this fundamental cause. No amount of money is small, and by donating as much or as little as you can, it makes a difference worldwide. Numerous children would benefit from you. Kindly consider my appeal.
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