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Child sexual abuse is a severe and widespread problem in India in many parts of the world today. The trauma associated with sexual abuse can contribute to arrested development and a host of psychological and emotional disorders that some children and adolescents may never overcome. When sexual abuse goes unreported and children are not given the protective and therapeutic assistance they need, they are left to suffer in silence. Today, many OTT shows are targetting this issue as well, and while seeing these shows and movies, the emotions we feel, the empathy, sympathy and compassion for the unfortunate young ones, we aim to convert those emotions into a force that will assure that no child has to ever go through that feeling of being exposed and vulnerable ever again. Anything helps, from 10 rupees to 10 thousand, anything tangible that will push us one step closer to this goal will be highly appreciated. We aim to conduct online webinars and therapy sessions for children who have been through the horrifying experience as well as for children going to school every day, exposed to the possible danger. Each workshop to help 40 people costs 2000 rupees, if we raise our goal of 1,00,000, we can as a team educate and empower 2000 young children to combat this problem and provide the support that they need.
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As students of Cathedral and John Connon School, We are trying to give back to the community in our own small way, with this project, we aim to achieve a country, safe for everyone. To provide a childhood, that some of us were lucky enough to have, to the remaining ones. We must give back to the future generation, and in this goal, I invite you to join this journey and help ensure a safe future for every child who aspires to become something today.
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