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It is deeply concerning to hear about what lakhs of children have to go through in regard to sexual abuse, and the scarring atrocities they must encounter at a young age. At the age of 16, living comfortably and safely, to learn about the horrific acts of injustice that take place on a daily basis, especially in rural areas, was an eye-opener for me. We live in a protected environment where cases of SA are lesser and we have the facilities to prevent them, but children in the destitute parts of the country, do not have access to similar resources. It is our duty to do our best in making sure there are lesser future victims of sexual abuse.
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` 23250 of ` 25000

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My name is Aarav Sanghvi and I'm currently studying in the 11th grade at the Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai.
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"Such an important cause to create more awareness around."
Kunal Shah
28th October 2022
My Fundraising Goal
` 23250 of ` 25000


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The HEAL Foundation
The HEAL Foundation founded by Rahul Bose in 2008, HEAL (Help Eradicate Abuse Through Learning) through the tool of workshops, aims to educate children and adults on how to recognize, prevent and respond to Child Sexual Abuse. HEAL has reached 110,000 children and adults up till 2022.
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