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Vipla focuses on children with special needs like children with hearing impairments or intellectual disabilities and I am happy to be supporting this foundation. They believe in giving the children access to the right learning environments where they will be able to thrive and grow to become responsible adults. This experience will help me improve my interpersonal skills which were stunted in growth due to the pandemic and it will help me in personal growth. By raising enough money we will be able to provide these facilities for a proper education to more children who are suffering from such disabilities but are unable to afford the right sources and treatment facilities.The school aims to empower students by providing a holistic integrated education with a special focus on extracurriculars like sports, dance, music, arts, and crafts. Through its two sections for hearing impaired and intellectually disabled children it provides academic, functional, vocational skills and a wide range of co-curricular & extra-curricular activities that are integral components of holistic development.
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Tanishka Patkar
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I am passionate about helping others and I will gain experience in interacting with children with disabilities and it will hone my skills in a variety of areas. This experience of fundraising for the Vipla foundation will give me more responsibility teaching me the value of certain things and I will get to meet diverse people from different backgrounds. I hope that you can help me raise enough funds to support these children and provide them with the right facilities to gain a proper education.
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Nagesh Pinge
29th November 2022
"God Bless the people"
Nagendra Saikumar
26th October 2022
My Fundraising Goal
` 17100 of ` 50000


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Vipla Foundation (Save The Children India)
Founded in 1988 by the late Mrs. Vipula Kadri, over the last 34 years we have relentlessly worked towards the enrichment of the lives of underprivileged children and women. Save The Children India now known as Vipla Foundation has reached out to 4,40,000+ beneficiaries in the areas of Education, Early Childhood Care, Disability, Livelihoods and Anti-Human Trafficking.
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