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Over 3 million people in India are currently infected with HIV. According to available sources nearly 81000 children are infected with HIV/AIDS. 70% of these children lose their parents to the disease. These children not only have to live without the love and support of a parent but they have to find their own way through uncertainty. Moreover, HIV-infected children from vulnerable communities are unable to receive proper nutrition and education due to their low socio-economic background. I wish to support these children so that even they get a chance to lead a better life. I personally appeal to all of you to help me in this cause. Your kind contribution can help them pursue their passion.
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` 4600 of ` 25000

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I am Kartik Chandan Nandi studying in the 6th standard. I wish that like me all the children should get a chance to be loved and live a better life.
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"Thanks Chandn dada for giving apportunity to help some one"
Vishal Dhangare
8th December 2022
"Happy to help"
Jayanta Das
1st December 2022
My Fundraising Goal
` 4600 of ` 25000


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The PRIDE India is a non-governmental organization, registered in 1982, under Societies Registration Act, 1860. The core foundation of the organization is based on a holistic approach to bring about a sustainable change in the lives of marginalized communities living in rural and urban poverty to help them lead lives filled with dignity and self-respect.
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