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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

At “Painted Lady Foundation,, we are committed towards tackling the grave issue of sexual violence. We want to help bring a stop to sexual harassment, sexual assault and heinous crimes like rape. We want to assist people in understanding these issues in depth. Not only that but through our initiatives, we want to help destigmatize this topic (putting an end to victim shaming and blaming) and additionally, make people aware of their rights whilst providing them with access to various resources and services. As an organisation, we host several events including, but not limited to webinars, competitions, workshops, awareness campaigns, and other sessions. We also provide services in relation to Emotional Assistance and Legal Aid. Through these events and services, we aim to increase awareness around the issue as well as fundraise for our partner organisations. Through this, we are able to directly help women around the globe.
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I am Arshiya Dua (, a 17 year old high school senior at United World College of South East Asia (East Campus), Singapore. In my free time, I enjoy writing blogs and articles for different organisations, watching Netflix and Youtube, and hanging out with friends. My hobbies include playing piano, dancing, playing sports such as Taekwondo, Basketball and Swimming. I have a great interest in social entrepreneurship and am experienced in working with other student-led organizations, campaigns and initiatives.. I am a devoted supporter and advocate for women’s rights, and see myself working towards empowering more women in the future.
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