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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

Established in the year 2008, DBM was initiated with a mission to provide meals to the underprivileged in society and upscale the initiative of the organization every year. DBM has witnessed substantial growth over the years and envisions adopting communities and revitalizing them to the top with everyone from the community who wishes to contribute to the cause. DBM India aims to create hunger-free communities by empowering them through Education and Vocational training initiatives. DBM delivers freshly prepared food to associated schools and takes care of the unloading and distribution of the food. Services provided do not hamper the decorum of the school as volunteers handle the operation and school teachers are not disturbed. Brief Implementation Plan: As the Schools are opening back after a gap of 2 years, we are providing meals to 2000+ students every day in more than 11 schools. With that we are also working on monthly health check-ups of students as we know only giving meals is not sufficient. With that, we are also providing books, bags, and scholarships to deserving students for their growth and future. Our work does not end here, we have been also working on the development of the schools by providing infrastructure in the schools for the students, like clean washrooms, water coolers, benches, desks, etc. Join us in our mission to make all Indian children healthy!
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` 500 of ` 500000

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I am Vijay, a university student and an amateur fundraiser who is passionate about raising funds for important causes. I am raising funds for Dharma Bharathi Mission's work for their Mid-day meal program, as feeding children nutritive meals that contribute to their growth and well-being is an important societal goal to achieve. This noble aim is valuable and meaningful.
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"Keep up the good work "
17th October 2022
My Fundraising Goal
` 500 of ` 500000


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Navasrushti International Trust (Dharma Bharathi Mission)
The Trust is working to achieve the remaining economic, social and moral freedom for the country and has launched Dharma Bharathi Mission (DBM) with the objective of Hunger-free India. We follow the 3 E approach i.e focusing on Education, Employment & Empowerment to tackle Hunger.
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