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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

Karunya Trust is been working towards the empowerment of the Children and their families from communities like HIV/AIDS, Rag Pickers and Tribals in Maharashtra. These children are from socially and economically vulnerable communities who are in the periphery of our society. These families haven't been able to earn even their minimum daily wages making it difficult to run their daily life. Through TMM 2024, we intend to raise funds for people from these communities which will be utilized for : - Livelihood support (To provide a source of income) - Healthcare & Nutrition support (To prevent them from illness & diseases) - Education support (To help them continue their education by paying for their tuition fees , books & stationeries) - Shelter support (Tribal children & their families live in kachha houses which are vulnerable to heavy rains and winds and children living there are also prone to attacks from animals) Karunya Trust strives hard to provide maximum support to the children & people from the above-mentioned communities for the betterment of their life. With the fundraising opportunity from TMM 2024, we will be able to provide them with basic needs and empower them out to lead a dignified life.
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` 700 of ` 20000

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I am Silviya Tushar Rananaware, Based at Ahmednagare, Presently doing M.Sc, B.ed I would like to raise fund for Karunya Trust , Kalyan Diocesan Social Action (KDSA) at Powai, Mumbai. My uncle Mr. Nishikant (Philip) is working for this organization since 9 years and I seen his organization work very closely and I Believe every effort taken for this platform is absolutely worthy it is as I see lots of lives getting positively transform by their work. I wish all the best for there plans and this is my small contribution to support The Karunya Trust …
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"Good work & Keep it up"
Swati Tupsoundare
20th January 2024
My Fundraising Goal
` 700 of ` 20000

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Karunya Trust
Karunya Trust, a registered NGO aims to restore the human dignity of the needy and the marginalized people, irrespective of the caste, creed and religion by addressing the issues of Education, Health, and Livelihood, Environment & Ecological aspects in the urban and rural areas of the 6 districts of Maharashtra.
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