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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

I am seeking support for St. Judes For Life ((Founded in Memory of Mrs. Rani Vicaji) St. Judes' credo has always been ‘Once a St. Jude child is always a St. Jude child.’ In keeping with this vision, their new vertical, St. Judes for Life, has been established in the memory of Mrs. Rani Vicaji to ensure that children who have won the battle against cancer can fulfill their potential. These children come from underprivileged families who have sacrificed to ensure that the child was treated successfully for cancer. Even after surviving cancer, they face many challenges while trying to become self-reliant and independent. They require a strong support system to compensate for lost time and opportunities. The mission of St. Judes for Life (Founded in Memory of Mrs. Rani Vicaji) is to ensure that timely and appropriate assistance is available to St. Jude alumni (also known as Judians) to complete their education, maintain good health and lead successful lives. The program provides appropriate intervention, directly or through experienced partners, to support, mentor, and enable these children to become upright contributing members of society.
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I am in my nineth grade and have visited Mukta Jeevan, Vatsalya trust and St. Jude Centers during my birthdays or key landmarks of my life. The way the St. Jude centers are working in the children cancer space and the happy space they are creating for children and families is a soothing memory for me. Engaging in the activities have been very fulfilling for me and it gives me immense pleasure to say that I am running the prestigious Mumbai marathon for St. Jude this year.
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