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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024

Hi - my name is Mihaan Gandhi Dhall and I’m 18 years old. Last year - 2023 - I ran the TMM (10 KM) and raised money for Jai Vakeel, a school for children with disabilities. This year I am running again (and hopefully a bit faster and without stopping for a snack on the way) for another NGO that works with children with disabilities, Ummeed Child Development Center. Like last year, I’m already practising a lot with my exercise coach cum friend Rustom Warden.

The founder of Ummeed, Vibha, was my doctor when my parents knew that I have Down Syndrome and I had been to Ummeed many times as a kid. I remember they had all these toys and games and I know kids love to explore everything which made it a lot of fun. They also had many people to socialise with (though my Dad now tells me they were therapists).  

Press the fund button if you want to help kids with special needs and it’ll send the message to them that we support them in anything/everything they do since they also need to have a voice in this society.

My Fundraising Goal
` 608660 of ` 500000

Raising funds along with

Rustom “Slash” Warden
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"All the best Mihaan"
Zal Andhyarujina
20th January 2024
"Cheers Mihan - all the best!"
Avnish Dhall
7th January 2024
"Go Michi Go !"
Nishiena Gandhi
20th December 2023
"Best of luck !"
Ravi And Joyce Vig
20th December 2023
"All the very best Mihaan - you’re amazing and inspiring! May you continue to light up the world with your spirit! "
Richa Roy
20th December 2023
"All the best Mihaan! "
Pereena Lamba
9th December 2023
"So proud of you ! Happy birthday 🎂 God bless "
Sanjana Kirpalani
6th December 2023
"Continue to inspire us Mihaan. Good luck you've got this. Lots of love Swati Bharat Aditi "
Swati Samant
6th December 2023
"Keep going, Mihaan!"
5th December 2023
"Best of luck Mihaan - love Razia (Nani). "
Razia Gandhi
27th November 2023
"Be happy and keep running Mihaan - so proud of you !"
Inakshi Sobti
23rd November 2023
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My Fundraising Goal
` 608660 of ` 500000

Raising Money For
Ummeed Child Development Center
Ummeed Child Development Center was founded in 2001 by Dr. Vibha Krishnamurthy with the vision of helping children with, and at risk of, developmental disabilities reach their full potential and be included in society. Since then, Ummeed (which means hope) has been working to enable participation and inclusion of children and families with diverse conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, intellectual disability, learning disability, and others, using the biopsychosocial and family-centered care approach. Our key areas of work include: • Clinical services (diagnosis and therapy) for children with developmental disabilities and their families, • Training, and capacity building (in individuals such as doctors, therapists, teachers, community workers and organizations such as schools, community-based organizations, etc.), • Research (relevant to the field of child development and disabilities), and • Awareness and advocacy (to change attitudes towards inclusion) Our team includes professionals like developmental paediatricians, occupational and physical therapists, speech therapists, counsellors, social workers, autism intervention specialists, special educators, caregivers, and other experts. Till date, we have directly impacted 13,800+ children with developmental disabilities through 1,20,000+ clinical session. Approx 0.35 million children have been reached through the professionals trained by Ummeed. www.ummeed.org
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