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Dear Friends, Chinmaya Mission believes education has the power to empower, elevate and transform lives. We invite you to be at the forefront of creating everlasting impact by supporting the crown-jewel of our education work, our new university. Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth will offer globally accredited courses coupled with 21st century job skills and practical insights from Indian knowledge systems, including ethics, meditation, and yoga. Your contribution will go towards building a brand-new state-of-the art campus in Kerala! Your generous donations will also go towards providing scholarships for students most in need and towards improving school infrastructure – toilets, tables, computer labs – in our schools located in the most remote villages of India. To date more than one million students have found enormous success, strength and happiness from our programme, & gone on to become noble leaders and change-makers. *Indian government’s official categorization of CVV: De novo deemed to be university. Vedas as a glorified body of knowledge which empowers both materialistic and spiritual fields. A Mahavakya is the greatest knowledge portion of Vedas. Like heritage architectures and great sculptures, Chinmaya Mission Pune wants to stand tall Mahavakyas, inspiring and guiding everyone to the Halls of Knowledge infinite! Symbolically, a Malavakya has been selected from each veda and thus we have 4 main Mahavakyas. You can support building those Vedic arches.
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I am associated with Chinmaya Mission Pune and raising funds for Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Education scholarships and infrastructure across India and Vedic Arches at Chinmaya Mauli Ashram. Chinmaya Maauli Ashram is a major Ashram of Chinmaya Mission Pune where Knowledge, devotion and seva are practiced and shared. The magnificent and beautiful Vitthal Rukhmini temple is the jewel of the premises. It is only apt that these Mahavakyas - the epitome of all Vedic Knowledge are worshipped and glorified in a place like Chinmaya Maauli Ashram by building the Vedic arches.
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My Fundraising Goal
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Our mission, “to provide individuals from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to become positive contributors to society”. Our goal is to give maximum happiness to the maximum number for the maximum time. Our thematic areas are education, healthcare, rural development, environment and livelihood.
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