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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

Hi! I’m Sia Mehta, a student of St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. I’m very passionate about education and helping people. I’ve worked with NGO’s before. I’m a fundraiser for Sparsha Trust for the Mumbai marathon. I love reading books and watching movies. Reading helps us explore different areas of life and helps us experience other peoples minds. It helps us experience different realities and also helps us escape our world into something new and better. Help me raise my goal for Sparsha.
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` 15100 of ` 15000

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Hello I'm Sia Mehta from St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. I'm very passionate about fundraising and would love to raise funds for Sparsha Trust. I love music and reading books.
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"Donation "
Shruti Bagwe
21st December 2022
"Keep up the good work. "
Vandana Mehta
11th September 2022
My Fundraising Goal
` 15100 of ` 15000


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Sparsha Charitable Trust
Sparsha Charitable Trust is a NGO based in Mumbai and aims to touch the nearby underprivileged providing access to basic human needs and help them to achieve better living circumstances. Our approach is to work together with parents and children of different poor communities in the area of Mumbai.
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