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Dear Friends, Capacity building of young girls in digital technology, making safe spaces, online resources, and tutors available can give them an opportunity to complete formal secondary education and learn tech-based skills to improve their livelihood options. Life skills training can build their confidence, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities. Education and skilling opportunities for young girls can be optimized with interventions that cater to their health, hygiene, and nutritional requirements. FPA India proposes to enable 3000 underprivileged girls with digital literacy, life-skills training, adolescent-friendly health services, specialized counseling, and tutorials to complete their secondary education and prepare them for tech-skill-based livelihood opportunities. Your support can make a difference. DONATE NOW!
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` 2000 of ` 100000
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My Fundraising Goal
` 2000 of ` 100000


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Family Planning Association, India
FPA India envisions all people empowered to enjoy their sexual and reproductive health choices and rights in India, free from stigma and discrimination. It advocates for gender equality and empowerment for all including poor and vulnerable, ensures information, education, and services; powered by knowledge, innovation, and technology, towards sustainable development.
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