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Support Girl Child Education - मुलगी शिकली प्रगती झाली. Education has been the nucleus of all of SSM’s activities. The very start of SSM was by establishment of school to provide equitable education to Girls and the deprived. Then they started residential facilities for students coming from neighbouring villages and blocks (talukas) and districts etc. In 1974, SSM incepted Anand Balgram (an SOS Children’s village) wherein the orphaned, single-parented, abandoned and needy children were given shelter and through sponsorships and fundraising, provided them Quality Education etc. Over the years, with series of changes, Anand Balgram has become a Girls only shelter (hostel). All of these girls are either orphaned, single-parented, or hail from poor families that cannot afford/ fulfil their educational expenses. In rural areas even today, the girls are bereft of education after a certain age they are married off etc. Though this has significantly reduced, but not completely resolved. SSM even take in girl children who are pretty much interested in studies but were susceptible to social and situational evils. To support all of these girl children WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Please help us in providing quality education and building successful careers of Rural Girl Children. Your support and contribution is of at most importance in solving this problem.
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We are a team of 9 enthusiastic youths from GNVS Institute of Management supporting and trying to raise funds for the NGO -Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal. Your Donation will be used for providing educational materials for the under privileged girls to help them Learn, Grow and be Independent. Be a part of the breakthrough endeavour and make someone’s dream come true!
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