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Our region (Nanded District) is primarily involved in agrarian business, with majority of people involved being Marginal Farmers & Laborers. These families hardly make a living with the limited finances due to rainfed farming and constant losses to climate change and this directly impacts the education of their children, especially Girls who fall prey first. Added to their woes the COVID Pandemic has completely devasted these families making the situation certain for School drop-outs of Girl Children. Since 1974, SSM runs a shelter-home ‘Anand Balgram’ for such girl children, who are either orphaned, single-parented, or hail from families of suicidal, and (recently) covid suffered, Farm laborers and BPL families. Earlier this initiative was supported by Govt grants but since the 2010s that is discontinued and the girls are supported by SSM through Sponsorship programs, employee contributions and Volunteer Fundraisers. Currently 80 Such girl children are residing in the Anand Balgram. We do believe that by making an invaluable contribution towards these girl children's education you can make a world of difference. Hence, Let's all of us do our part and motivate the girls & their Parents /Guardians to continue their education and help them build a strong career ahead.
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I am a social development professional that strives for betterment of the deprived, I am fundraising towards accommodation and education of Girl Children at Anand Balgram, along with my Friends. Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal, An organization we all are closely associated with since our childhood first as beneficiaries and now as volunteers. This is the reason that makes us come together for this cause knowing the level of work that is done by this Organization in shaping excellent students, we are happy to make a tincture of contribution from our end.
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