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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and best hope for the future. To us there is no picture as beautiful as all these children smiling, bright-eyed, and just being happy all the time enjoying their childhood. No music is as sweet as their clear and ringing laughter. Our Heart-warming team would like to connect with you for your support to the noble cause of Bal Asha Trust – providing life changing quality care to abandoned and destitute children. The Bal Asha Trust is an awarded charitable organization that helps abandoned and marginalized children in the city of Mumbai. It was founded in 1985.They provide children with a safe home. The Children’s Home has tie-ups with outstanding government, private and municipal hospitals. This includes Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, offering excellent medical services.
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Hey! I am Avinash Boddul, a student of GNVSIOM. Passionate about helping others by raising funds. I and my fellow Team-mates are part of it. We formed a team named “Heart-warming”. We believe children are our nation’s future, how can we get any life go in vain. We have kept a target and to accomplish it we need your help. I am hoping that all you lovely people will help us achieve our target. Every rupee you donate will not only put a smile onto the faces of those beautiful children who deserve a happy family but will also put a smile on your face too! So please be generous and help us and also all these children who are waiting for their bright future.
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