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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2022

The pandemic has brought in its wake its own set of challenges. If earlier, life was difficult for the marginalized now it’s even more dire. However, through this pandemic, we have been able to extend ourselves and find opportunities and innovative ways to reach out to our beneficiaries and be available and relevant to them in their time of need. We continue to be at the forefront rendering essential services Program Learning Center (Thane) has gone online this term. Online education has ensured that the child does not lose out on an academic year and has restored in him/her a semblance of stability in their already fragile lives. On the Health vertical • We provide groceries, care packets, and medical aid. • We continue to raise awareness and foster good and healthy practices through phone calls. • We direct and guide people to local medical institutions and doctors. We have also organized for doctors to check patients on call. • We guide those with eye ailments, including cataract surgeries, to renowned eye institutions. We were even able to negotiate free treatment for some. Your donation will have a massive impact on our work and will add great value to the communities we work in. Learn more about -
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` 1000 of ` 150000
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I am Gaurav, an IT Engineer from Mumbai University and currently pursuing my MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai.
My Fundraising Goal
` 1000 of ` 150000


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Jeevan Asha Charitable Society
To bring optimism, hope and empowerment to many impoverished lives, especially children, women and senior citizens from socio-economically challenged communities through education, nutrition, basic healthcare, counseling and liaising with government and non-government organizations (NGOs)
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